Jooycar solution for Business

Jooycar is the first company born in Latin America to offer a comprehensive telematics platform "connected car" with vast experience in mobile developments and in the Internet of Things (IOT). The car-connected solution consists of:


  • Telematic Hardware (device that connects to the OBD-II port of the vehicle)

  • A mobile application available in two operating systems (iOS & Android)

  • A web portal aimed at the final drivers

  • A software platform (SaaS) for the automotive industry and insurance


Jooycar cloud platform is mainly focused on two industries:

  • Insurance companies that sell auto policies and
  • Suppliers of the automotive industry (carmakers, distributors, dealers, workshops, etc).

The overcrowding of Smartphones, the new hyper-connected consumer behavior and the global trends are showing that the major players in the automotive industry and auto insurance companies are investing in telematics and Big Data platforms related to "Car Connected".


Moreover, it is known that the automotive services industry (aftermarket) has a problem concerning the retention rate at the dealership decreases with increasing age of the vehicle.

These initiatives aim to support the development of core business processes and moreover helps them adapt their businesses to the new demands of the changing market, thus ensuring their profitability over time.

Jooycar currently provides our solution in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and United States through business partners that support the implementation and operation.

Social Responsibility

We believe Jooycar can make a social contribution specifically making easy and promoting a safer and more efficient driving, helping to create a greener and responsible environmental awareness.


Offer to the hyper-connected driver an amazing, interactive and omni-channel experience, making driving more safe, and environmentally responsible allowing to innovate and build a stronger relationship with the new Smart car services.

Jooycar World Class Technology

Since a couple of years a platform employed dozens of servers, their response times were measured in seconds, the amount of data in Gigabytes and maintenance time in hours.

In recent years the application requirements have changed dramatically. Today, applications like Jooycar faced greater challenges:

Millisecond response time, high-availability and fault tolerance, multiple contact points, telematics devices and mobile equipment, and high responsiveness to changes in demand and intelligent handling of large volumes of data in real time.


The Jooycar application is built using world-class software guidelines, and is provided in the cloud, it is self-scalable and is designed for high availability. To do this, the application is built over the reactive paradigm:

  • Event Oriented.
    Its architecture is asynchronous, loosely coupled and non-blocking

  • Scalable.
    Designed in modules and easily clusterizables components.

  • Resilient.
    Prepared for failures and self-recovery.

  • Responsive.
    Able to react quickly and appropriately to demand.


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UBI (Usage-Based Insurance) and Telematics Insurance

Our JOOYCAR UBI platform delivers an innovative and comprehensive telematics platform for general insurance companies that allow them to differentiate themselves by offering customized value, improve the risk calculation for the new products development, and premiums based on vehicle usage and driving habits and thereby improving the competitiveness of these companies and their adaptation to international trends considering the rapid growth. Some research indicate that the penetration of telematics insurance in developed countries will reach 15% -20% penetration in 2020.


With the addition UBI programs (Pay as Pay as management, etc.) both insurers and policyholders are favored, since prices are consistent policies to actual vehicle usage. Also telematics will help inusrance in claims process receiving first notification in case of crash and collisions giving a better consumer service and reduce time and operational costs.

Therefore, companies found a new niche, new customers and retain their portfolio, obtain reduction of accidents, severity and cost as well as the possibility of charging insurance more fairly and personalized.

Jooycar includes a first and simple model of "scoring" enabling actuarial teams to include new variables and data predictors from the insured's driving habits to improve the calculation of risk and launch a UBI program very simple and in a quick way, this "driver score "is considered factors such as driving times and schedules, as well as variables related to driving habits (PAYD & PHYD).


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DRM (Driver Relationship Managment)

Our DRM Jooycar™ module adds a new level of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to dealer or repair shop. Specially to help the aftersale communication with their clients.

DRM is an innovative tool that will allow automotive / dealer retain customers improving loyalty, keep contact with their clients after buying the vehicle and continuously monitor the vehicles health along the entire life cycle.


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