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What is Jooycar?

Jooycar™ is an incredible platform that turns your car into a SmartCar allowing to know your car status in real-time, your driving behavior, your trip history, your car efficiency among others, in order to improve your driving experience and save.

With Jooycar™ car-connected service, you will get the Jooycar plug & play device and a personal account to access your car-connected service through a web portal and a mobile app.

With Jooycare make Driving Safer, Easier & Less Expensive

Detection and Emergency Alerts

Remote detection in case of accident, sending automatic and real-time alerts to your close contacts or a workshop in case of accident or breakdown of your car while alert.


Apply to reduce the cost of auto insurance premiums if you drive well.

Roadside Assistance 24x7

Just pressing the SOS button ypu can access to roadside assistance and mechanical support

Prevention and mechanical diagnostics

Receive notifications and email updates for the activity of your vehicle allowing you to locate it at every moment. Also access to mechanical diagnostic to know your vehicle's health and understand failures.

Family Safe

Always-on mobile connection reporting! Locate your car, family, and friends. (Monitor the behavior of young drivers).


Control your driving style and habits with your Jooyscore™ and compare yourself with your friends.

How does it work?

The Jooycar™ device is installed in your car OBDII port.

It is very simple and usually is below the driving wheel.

From there your Jooycar device will connect to the computer in your car, it will act as GPS and send relevant real-time information about your car through a 3G (GSM) network. After analyzing this information we will deliver it customized and privately for you in a mobile app (App Jooycar).





Jooycar™ accompanies you

Review your travel history

Vehicle Diagnostics
Know in your Smartphone your car's health

Improve your driving
With your personal driving performance stats and jooyscore.

Jooycar is your mobile access to your car ...

In the Jooycar App and in the Web Portal you will find:

Your travel history.
Your jooyscore according to your driving style.
Your car: Remote diagnostics of your car's health.
Your emergency and damage alerts.
Your performance driving information.
Location Tracking - Where is your car?
"Geofence Alerts" configure receiving messages triggered by your vehicle's location.
SOS Button
And much more...
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